Wednesday, February 3, 2016

365 Day Challenge End of January Report

Are you doing the 365 day penny challenge with me.  If not read my previous post.  It is not to late to get started.

January is over you should have in your piggy bank $4.96. I am doing my challenge times two.

One for me and one for hubby so in my penny jar I have $9.92 as of January 31st.

Watch future post for the details of my end of the month posts.


  1. I was wondering how you were handling all those pennies, now seeing the jar in makes more CENTS to me ;-)

  2. Glad it makes CENTS. Have a extra jar and put change from the day into that. Helps to give me my daily contribution.
    Also doing a dollar a week challenge. That one will get tougher as I go. Will see how that goes. That money will be added to car loan balance. This last week I had to put in $8.00.