Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thrift Store Hunting For Treasures FOUND 1 Rare Cookbook

Today hubby and I went to a thrift store in Superior Wisconsin we had never visited before. Nice and clean, neat and upscale for a thrift store. Up a set of stairs is the book section. Small but neat and priced reasonably. Even had chairs to sit on. I found two treasures to resell on eBay there today.

A somewhat rare cookbook " Tough Men Don't Dice " a cookbook for men who can't cook by James Thorson. This starts out at $28.28 and goes up to a unbelievable price of $103.30. I find it so amazing the wide variety of pricing of books on the Internet.

The other item was a vintage sewing pattern from 1945. A real pretty blouse that shows us the style of clothing and hair styles over 65 years ago.

I will be putting these up for sale later this week on eBay and hope for a fast sale. Do you go thrift hunting? If so what have you found recently?
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