Thursday, January 13, 2011

Want To Save A $1,000 This Year? I Know I Do

This afternoon I found this article on msn. To put it simple it is possible to save $1,000 this year.
This is what the article says. Go to this link to read the complete article.

STEP 1 : Starting January 1, put aside $3 a day (weekends too!) for the entire year. You can slip three bucks into an envelope every night, schedule a weekly automatic transfer of $21 to a savings account, or move one big chunk all at once.
But don't stop there — save $5 a day or more if you can, and definitely continue contributing to a 401(k) plan at work if you have one.

STEP 2 : Fast-forward a year. What do you do with the $1,095 you've saved?

Invest in the stock market through mutual funds by opening a Roth individual retirement account, or IRA, that allows your money to grow tax-free.

sounds pretty good, can I skim $20.00 a week from some where. Pull back $20.00 from food budget. Can I go from $60.00 a week to $40.00 a week? Time will tell but I will be trying. We are two weeks into the New Year but better to start now than not at all.

Step 3:
To read the whole article about where to put the $1,000 you can follow the link . If you are 35 years old or younger you could build up a nice nest egg for retirement.

Now is the time to start thinking about that nest egg. Don't wait like I did.

Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together.. and please remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money... Grace

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