Friday, January 14, 2011

Frugal Friday Saving Money Eating At Home

Friday is already here. I love Friday because it is the day I add another weeks money to my purse and hubby's wallet. Thursday night I spend time in the kitchen seeing what I may need to get at the grocery store and start thinking about what is on the menu for next week.

Friday's we go out to lunch for clam chowder so that is another reason I love Friday's. We have cut the budget so tight that it is Friday's for lunch and then Sunday morning for egg burritos at McDonald's.

I would rather go some where else for breakfast BUT we can eat the burritos , greasy hash browns, drink senior coffee for less than $6.00 and read our newspaper.

Every Sunday I pay for the Minneapolis newspaper because it has better coupons and articles, but as I sit at McDonald's people are reading the Duluth paper and some of them leave there paper for others to read.
I get to read the Duluth paper and mainly I hope that they have left the coupon inserts for me.

We love to eat out and that is where we can over spend money. There were times that we would go out to eat 4 or more times a week. We have really cut that bracket of our budget. Once we get the hospital bills paid we will add an extra $25.00 back to entertainment budget just for the fun of going out.
Until then if I want Mexican I know that I have a fantastic recipe for beef and green chili enchiladas that is just as good as any out there.

I love barbecue beef sandwiches. We would go to this little gas station/country store for barbecue sandwich's while living in Richmond Texas. I use to love their sandwiches. There is a bottled barbecue sauce at the grocery store that is fantastic. I want to see if I can create one at home that is as good. It is a honey barbecue sauce. Until then I will by it at the store.. I have been out there searching for recipes and printed them so will be giving them a try.

I have ate at many Italian restaurants and I have never had Spaghetti as good as my own meat sauce and the Cheesy Lasagna soup I made recently for the first time is fantastic. Maybe some of these restaurants should search and try out some of our recipes.

So until I can afford to add to our entertainment budget I will continue to hunt for great recipes to try at home from all of you.

Recipes I found just today that I want to try are
Ultimate Chicken Fajitas from siggyspice and
Barbecue sauce from countrycook

Where do you think you have to work to be for frugal or are you so tight that you think you need to loosen up a bit. I can fall under these two examples often. I am posting this at Frugal Friday at Life As Mom check out others frugal ideas there.
thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together.. and please remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money.. Grace

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  1. We can be bad about eating out, too. And it's bad because by the time the eat out meal is over I usually feel like I wasted money.

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