Monday, March 28, 2011


Thrift Share Monday .. time to share some of the things that I have found over the week.
We normally look for books first then we will search other areas of the thrift stores or estate sales.
Last monday I found alot of church spiral cook books. Not only are they fun to read and use but I also sell them usually on eBay on auction. Not big money makers but if I buy them right the profit margin is good. I put alot of work in my listing of these by listing all the recipes. This takes a lot of time but helps to sell them.
On Saturday we went to a church sale and hubby found a few books but I found nothing until we were about to walk out.
Sitting on one of the tables was a doll box with some dolls and hand made clothes. They wanted $30.00 for all of it. I said that was more than I wanted to spend as most of the dolls were not anything special.
As I was about to leave one of the ladies said " You can have the dolls for $1.00 each. So I grabbed 3 of them. Two are from the barbie family and the third is a male doll. I have no idea what he is and probably is nothing but for a $1.00 I brought him home.
Now I have to try to figure out exactly what I have which will take research at the library or going to barbie doll owner expert sites. At one time I had Barbie reference books but sold them years ago, now I wish I had them.
First doll is marked on her right back side Skipper 1963 Mattel Inc. Bottom right foot says Japan. So I know she is an early Skipper, not sure exactly when but research will hopefully help me. She had hair when I grabbed her but it is a wig and she has no hair. Question I have is did she come this way or did she get scalped. No matter what she is a pretty little girl, showing some wear but she has all her fingers and needs some cleaning.

My next doll is marked Midge Barbie there are dates under each name but I can not make out and marked Mattel Inc on back side rear side and on the left is the number 13. Bottom of her right foot is Japan. She has molded red hair. Her condition is not as good, her head is cracked at front and back and she is missing her pinkie finger on both sides. Her condition is used and played with and needs a cleaning also.

Now the male doll is a mystery and probably from around the same time period. At his back waist area is maker mark hard to read and copy right symbol and the date 1961. Mark looks like EEGEE.

So if I have any Barbie experts out there I would love to hear from you. I will be heading to the library one of these days to do some research before listing on eBay

I did find this Barbie site yesterday and will do more reading there and maybe even emailing her for help.
I will be sharing this at Thrift share Monday check out what others are finding and sharing.

Thanks for stopping by... Grace


  1. Hey,
    The first one if a skipper so your right.:) She is a straight leg Skipper, puts her in the sixties. Her hair has been cut and the wig she is wearing goes to Midge your second doll. She is also early to mid sixties. Anytime you find a barbie doll with legs that don't bend and have Japan on their foot you got the older set of dolls. The male doll is Tammy's boyfriend which is Ideals version of Barbie. Poor midge is trashed, collectors can sometimes fix the split in the head, I know I have but that one is particularly nasty. I'd sell them together as a lot and see if anyone can use them for parts. Hope this helps some.:)

  2. Thank you for your help, I will put them together as a lot and hope some one can use them for parts. grace

  3. I was also going to say that Skipper is wearing Midge's hair. The "molded" version is what was under the attached hair.
    I guess my mother should have never complained we were playing too roughly. Our dolls are in wonderful condition for their age and I think we have most of the teeny tiny accessories as well.
    (All going to my niece)