Thursday, March 17, 2011

THRIFTY THURSDAY IDEA .... Catch A Movie Matinee

Thrifty Thursday Idea.....
You want to see the latest movie ... instead of going to the movies at night, go in the afternoon when it is cheaper.
If you are a senior citizen like we are, check out the senior rate.
And do not buy your movie tickets on line if there is a service charge. Just get to the movie early enough to buy your ticket.

We rarely go to the movies but went to see " The Kings Speech " with one of our grand daughters a few weeks ago.
Lunch first at a Chinese restaurant then off to an afternoon Matinee. No over price movie food needed. We had a great lunch for about the same money as a large popcorn and 3 large sodas. Movie was great and I am glad that grand daughter suggested it.
Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together and please always remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money.. Grace

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