Sunday, March 13, 2011


Tip for the day cleaning your microwave easy. No matter how I try to protect my microwave by covering foods with paper towels it still gets dirty.

I recently read this tip.. and am trying it as I type. Wet paper towel and place in microwave and cook it for 4 minutes. Once done set timer for 2 minutes to allow paper towel to cool down. Once two minutes has elapsed wipe down inside of microwave.

Okay first time did not work very good but I soaked the paper towel real good the second time , rang it out and tried again. Time is up and this time paper towel was still damp and did help to clean it.

Microwave shut it self off .. think it is mad at me and wants to cool off. Hope that is all it is. I think it did this before at least I think it did. I really only use to reheat or defrost something. We do not use it to cook.
thanks for stopping by .. lets keep saving together ..Grace

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