Saturday, March 12, 2011


Here is what I read during the month of February.. Life At Moms has set up a challenge to read more.

John Sandford " Wicked Prey " .. if you like thillers it is a winner. Hubby read it after me.

We found a copy of John Sandford's new book Storm Prey. Hubby is reading it and I will add it to my reading list.

Patricia Schultz 1000 Places To See Before You Die" I have read parts of this and it is the kind of book to pick up and read off and on over a period of time.

I had gone to a thrift store and found a copy of " Death In A Prarie House " by William Drennan. I bought to resell but started and finished it during February.

It is about a murder at a house Frank Lloyd Wright built and lived in with his mistress. Wife would not divorce him. While he was out of down a man who was hired help went crazy and killed a bunch of people in the house including 2 children. I found out things I never knew about Frank Lloyd Wright. It was pretty good and well written. If you like True Crime, Biographys or /and Architicuture this book could be up your alley.

I will be putting this up for sale tonight on amazon. We are known as turnabout01 on amazon and eBay if you are interested in it or any of my other books.

Well it is already March and I am reading a light mystery . It is not one of those on my reading list but is a light genealogy mystery. Main character is suppose to to research including genealogy. No genealogy in it really and that disappoints me but fun easy read and I am almost done.

This is my February list. To see my January reading list and what is on my list for the year click on link.

What are you reading ? I would love to hear you reading list. .. thanks for stopping by. Gace

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