Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grocery Store Round Up 3/10

Hard to believe another week has gone by. We went to Super One this week and bought a beef roast to make our Crock Pot Roast Beef... see previous posting.
We made a few different trips to the store over the week. Never out of our way just stopping in if we needed something when we passed and a planned trip to Super One and Target.

Next trip To Target
I had bought frozen foods at Target a couple weeks ago and received a $5.00 gift card. Thought I would pop into Target to see what the deals were and saw that if I bought 2 Charmin Bath Tissue for $9.99 each I would get a $5.00 gift card. Sounded good to me
Total spent $16.16 after using my $5.00 gift card and now I have another one to use in the future.
I did not get out to get a Sunday paper last weekend so need to stop in to Target tomorrow to see if I want to use my gift card. Did not get a photo of this trip or the milk trip.

Next stop was at Walgreens for milk. Sign on door said $3.09 but ran up at $3.29 which is what it was marked at milk display. I questioned it and got my milk for the $3.09. Lesson learned never be afraid to ask.

Final trip was to Super One for the bulk of our groceries.
2 bags of Malt O Meal cereal $3.99 each ( I used a $2.00 coupon off 2 bags) 50 oz bags
1 paper towel $1.97
2 boxes of pasta $1.00 each
1 No yolk pasta $1.50
1 box of barley $1.79
cumin $1.00
1 bottle of garlic powder $ 1.00
Lawry salt $2.49
2 cans of gravy 69 cents each
Beef roast $9.95
5 pounds of potatoes $2.77
bag of carrots $1.77
Garlic bread $2.99
loaf of bread $2.49
2 coffee creamers $1.88
8 yogurts 44 cents each used 50 cent coupon and store coupon
eggs $1.39
coffee filters $1.29
4 mushroom soup 44 cents each used store coupon
Total spent at Super One $50.31 with savings of $10.55 between coupons manufactured and store

Total spent this week $74.56 over budget $14.56
Total for the month so far $109.10
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  1. It's interesting to see the prices of food in the US. Most of what you bought looks about the same here (as long as you shop at the right stores). Looks like you had a pretty good shopping trip!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I attempt to buy items when they are their best price, this week I wanted a roast so I bought the one at the best price per pound and the smallest one I could find since there is two of us.

  3. Gotta love good deals on Charmin toilet paper!

    The new Wednesday Weekly Shopping will be up soon at Frugal Follies! Hope to see you there!