Monday, March 7, 2011

Saved Quarter Challenge Week #9 Sold Items On Ebay and Amazon Plus Check Received FINALLY

Well another week of working at making more money or saving money from the budget. Was not able to save any money from the grocery budget, but we did sell few things on eBay and Amazon.

Not much really so the money will go towards the cost of running the business on the Internet.
We had sales of $28.71 before costs on eBay and a net profit of $13.00 on Amazon.

I got a surprise check in the mail today. Even though I should wait and report it next week but instead it is going into todays blog.
Back in July of last year I had left some items at a auction houes in Richmond Texas. We then moved back to Minnesota end of July.
We got busy with life and sort of put it on the back burner just waiting for a check in the mail.
Months past with nothing. Finally a couple of months ago I started to wonder what was up. Found the paper that listed our items and found a phone number. After several trys of no answer hubby found another phone number for me. I called and left a detailed message along with my phone number.
Nothing and weeks passed again. I kept planning to call them, but it got put off day after day.
Much to my surprise I received a check in the mail today for $118.12 from the auction house.
Just a check along with the tags from each auction showing me what the item had sold for and then an adding machine tape adding it up. No note or letter along with it.
I can not believe the poor service we received. No explanation for delay of months, no explanation of why no phone calls. I would never recommend this place of business and I believe if I had not made a phone call my items would of just sat there waiting to be auctioned off in their sweet time.
At least we have the check now and will come in handy .. brakes are making noise and of course there is no money in the budget for car repair.

Lesson learned make noise rather than just sitting back and waiting. I am sharing this over at Saved Quarter Challenge

Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together.. and please remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money... Grace

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