Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Good morning everyone .. time for Tuesday Tidy Tip... Spring is coming and that means garage sale time. Here in Duluth we have a big garage sale on what is called Park Point every year. Same week every year. For the first time we are living in the area and will set up a table or two.

Over the next weeks I will be finding items that we want to sell and put aside in boxes. I plan to get them ready by cleaning and pricing and so I am ready to go.

Here are four great tips to get started...

Organize early .. find boxes and store your items in the boxes till garage sale. Set a side in basement or out of the way till the big day comes. Lets accumulate as we go ... as you come across something, clean it, price it and put it in that box in the basement.

Advertise .. the more customers we can attract the better our sale will hopefully be.. Be clear with date and time. Hang signs a few days ahead of time. Make them Colorful and Easy to read. I am amazed at some of the garage sale signs I see. You have to get out of the car, walk up to the sign and put on your glasses to read the address. And lets remember to take down the signs after the sale.

Price competitively.. our goal is to get rid of the STUFF ... lets research what the going rate is and price it at that or less. Use eBay or go to other garage sales.

SELL SELL SELL IT.. Be willing to negotiate and don't be greedy. Better to sell it cheaper than take it back into the house.

Time to start getting ready ... lets find some boxes and start decluttering areas of our home if we have not started as of yet... I started with my closet a few weeks ago and that is as far as I got...
Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together.. Grace

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