Monday, January 31, 2011

Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge Rolling My Walgreen Rewards Week To Week

In February, I'm starting the Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge along with Frugal Follies. Click on the link to read her plans for the challenge. She shares her basic rules for the challenge but we who want to join can pick our own rules to the challenge.

We do not have a CVS or Rite Aide here in Frostbite, Minnesota so my challenge will be at Walgreens. I do not visit Walgreens every week but will be one of my goals this month if the deals are good.

I am starting with $1.50 in Walgreens register rewards and my goal is to not spend more than $20.00 all month and to stay close to the $5.00 weekly challenge at Kingdom First Mom.

I want to buy items we will use in our home or I know that my family would use.
Also could be an item bought that I felt could be used at a food shelf if the deal is good.
I will be able to use coupons to cut my cost weekly.

I will look for items that I can roll register rewards over weekly and will share my experience at Walgreens weekly with you.

Want to join in I would love to hear about in the comment area and let Frugal Follies know also.

Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together and please remember
Never under estimate the value a small amount of money... Grace

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