Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wallet Friendly Wednesday ... Sell Some Of This STRUFF

Wallet-Friendly Wednesday

This week we did not make it to the thrift stores to shop. Between cold weather and just not feeling well we missed shopping. Our thrift stores kind of suck any how so not much of a loss.

This last Sunday I did list some of the books I had found the week early at the thrift stores . I put them up for sale on eBay and one of them has a bid already. Check out what I have for sale if interested.

I had over paid for the book so am happy to just sell it for a small profit and get it out of here.

So what am I do? No new items to sell... decided to relist some of the items that had not sold.

27 zippers metal... most of them new

1 vintage bride doll I bought some years ago... need to rid myself of stuff..

2 vintage 1970's sweaters I bought while traveling to sell .. have not sold as of yet so will relist them to night and hope to get rid of them.

I have some vintage sewing patterns that need to be relisted tonight or tomorrow.
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Do you have stuff to sell? Have you tried eBay or Amazon. We sell books both places but for everything else we use eBay .. have been on ebay since 1998.

I am sharing this at Wallet Friendly Wednesday

Hope that you all have a great day... I am suffering from another cold .. sick of this stuff.. so off to take a nap for a bid... Grace

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