Friday, February 4, 2011

Thrift Store Hunting Today Found 2 Vintage Cookbooks

Today hubby and went to one of two thrift stores in our town. We were out on an adventure looking for items to sell either on eBay or Amazon.

Pickings were slim today. All I came up with were two vintage cookbooks, one being a church spiral which are popular on eBay.

We passed on some items because they were to pricey or condition not good enough.
Secret is to keep our eyes open at all times, we never know what we will find.
We normally specialize in books but I am always on the out look for anything that I think I can sell.

When selling books it is important to watch for condition, price or rarity. This is the only way to have any success with sales on eBay and Amazon.

I love our cell phones they allow us to get on the Internet while out shopping. Gives us a head up on whether the item is a good buy.

When we are looking at books all we need to do is go to amazon and put the ISBN number in the search engine. One click and we know whether to buy or not.

Do you sell on eBay to earn extra income? Do you want to sell on the Internet?

Start by looking on eBay with things you may have in your home that you no longer want or need.

Do you have any old Barney VHS, if so check out the titles some are worth some money while others are not.

How about Weight Watchers Slow cooker cookbook. That is a popular item.

Tonight I will send up some vintage patterns that I picked up at an estate sale. A couple years ago I found an old pattern and ended up selling it for over $80.00. I have to admit it was a Ceil Chapman, but when I picked it up at an estate sale I had no idea. Boy was I in for a surprise.
If you have any stories that you want to share I would love to hear them. By sharing we can only help each other in our search to bring in more income selling on the Internet.
Want to find thrift stores in your area go here. Today I went there for the first time since we moved back to Minnesota and found there are thrift stores over in Wisconsin. No far for us to drive. Will be checking them out soon.

Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together... Grace

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