Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping Challenge Roundup 2/3/11

Grocery shopping this week was pretty normal. Sure makes life easy when I make a menu plan before shopping.
As I walk through the store hubby will point out something like " oh look they have barbecue chicken " my response is " not on this weeks menu or we can change the menu if you like sweetie"

this week we went to Cub foods for our main shopping trip
1 box of Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes $1.69 ( need to make my own instead)
basil $2.36
store brand chili powder $1.59
bag of peas $$1.19
vegetable oil $2.29
store brand mustard 98 cents
2 cans of corn 50 cents each
2 cans of peas 50 cents each
1 ham steak $2.42
baby carrots on sale 77 cents
eggs $1.49

total spent after store coupons $16.78

Walgreens trip

6 boxes of Kleenex 89 cents each
1 Kraft miracle whip $2.99
4 bottles of coke free with coke coupons from registering my rewards
6 Reese's candy bars 49 cents each

total spent after coupons $11.39 received $1.50 register reward
Milk $2.69 (30 cents cheaper than cub and near cub will buy at Walgreens from now on as long as they stay at this price)
2 Advil ( walgreens register reward deal)

total spent after coupons and register reward from previous week $9.17
Received $5.00 register reward to use next week.

Walmart ( went there to get windshield wipers and found Nabisco crackers on sale for $1.98 got my free glass cleaners
Total spent $1.98
Super One
loaf of bread $1.37
Total spent this week $40.69
Total spent this month $ $40.69

This weeks remaining money was used towards taking oldest step son and his family to lunch after church on Sunday. We were celebrating his birthday.
Old days would not of thought twice about the price would of just put it on credit card. Now paying cash makes me choke as I see the bill. Thank goodness we also had a gift card we received as a Christmas gift from one of my sons.
Oh well had a nice time, everyone brought home left overs and his birthday is once a year.
thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together and please remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money.. Grace

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  1. I did the same thing with my coke rewards only I also combined it with the CVS B1G1 free coupon to get twice as many cokes ! Just a thought for your next set of coke rewards.

  2. Also TGIFridays is one of the best places to take family. Google before hand for coupons they let you share food so order one meal for every two people drink water and sign up for the stripes program. We pay about 1/4 of what we were paying at other places to take them all out to eat! Just tell them all ahead to pick a buddy in the group and they can decide togther what they are going to split. We always buy one of the apetizers so if anyone who is splitting does not have enough food the apetizer is there as well. This works well for our large family.

  3. thanks Robert for your suggestions. but we live in frostbite minnesota. No CVS or TGIF here. Hopefully we will have a CVS with in a year and come fall will have a larger walmart