Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grocery Shopping Round Up 12/30/11

Last round up for 2010. I plan to attempt to keep a better running total of how much I spent and saved on grocery/personal items next year.

This week was done in three shopping trips
Cub Foods

Delmont vegtables 79 cents each
Lays Chips $1.99
Reese peanut butter ( treat for me) 78 cents each
4 Diet cokes $1.25 each
Campbells soup 59 cents each
Swanson chicken broth 59 cents each
milk $3.19
sour cream $2.99
coffee mate creamer 2/ $5.00
$29.76 no coupons used sadly

Super 1
off brand diced tomatoes 44 cents ( delmonte and hunts wanted $1.00 for same size can)
orange juice for hubby ( sick) $2.29
total spent $3.61 no coupons cash register slip has a savings of 32 percent

Super 1
had some great 11 cent coupons and I wanted to take advantage so since we were passing by anyway made another trip. They had limits of course and I bought what I could except for soda they had no more diet left.

Hungry Jack potatoes $1.00
4 cans of soda 11 cents each
3 taco seasonings 11 cents each
1 tuna 11 cents
1hunts tomato sauce 11 cents
bread 11 cents
2 bags malt o meal cereal one bag at 11 cents and the other 88 cents

Total spent $3.12 no coupons sales slip says savings of 73 percent

Total spent for the week $36.49
Total for the month $183.82
Balance remaining $16.18 ( this was spent on Christmas gift)
I will be sharing this at
Thanks for stopping by...Lets keep saving together... and please remember Never Under Estimate The Value Of A Small Amount Of Money... Grace

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Hope you get some great deals in 2011!

    -- Laura from Frugal Follies