Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Working To Make Do With Less Project Clothes Challenge

Working To Make Do With Less Project and I am starting on the clothes challenge.

Finding 33 items and ridding my self of the rest. Some of these shoes can only be worn in the summer but I am counting them at this time. May have to purge here.

As I go through my closet I am giving to friends and family, giving to thrift store, storing what I want to get into when I lose weight ( another challenge).

Here is what I planning to keep as of now

1 black pant suit light weight ( 2 pieces)

1 blue pant suit medium weight ( 2 pieces)

2 black knit short sleeve blouses

1 navy knit short sleeve blouse

1 peach knit short sleeve top

1 black flowered print blouse

1 black and white dotted top

1 short sleeve white knit sweater

1 short sleeve tan sweater

1 short sleeve knit black sweater

1 short sleeve burgundy sweater

1 pair of black slacks

1 pair of brown slacks ( give away when I lose weight I hate them will need to replace then )

1 pair of green slacks ( will be give to thrift store when I lose some weight hate these also will need to replace then )

1 pair of blue jeans (a little tight ... I have put the Christmas candy in the freezer. Bought these at the thrift store for $3.00 yesterday.

1 navy sweat shirt

1 gray sweat shirt

Dark navy dress ( perfect for weddings and funerals)

Winter Coat has 2 layers and can be worn year round really ( counting as one item )

1 gold and white purse

1 turquoise and white purse

1 turquoise and pink and white purse

1 brown coach purse bought some time ago at a thrift store

1 black purse

2 pair of black high heels

1 pair of black sandals

1 pair of gold sandals

1 pair of pink shoes

33 items

I need to bag up the rest of my purses and shoes to give or sell this summer and I have several summer jackets that I have to go through also.

Need to think about this list. I love my purses and shoes and have not gone in jewelry boxes as of yet. I just may not count my jewelry since so much was given to me by my children and grandchildren

I have 2 necklaces that I wear almost every day and my wedding rings that do not count on this list.

I also am not counting underware, nightgowns and 2 pairs of lounging outfits that I use to work out in also. Then of course there is my winter mittens and knit hat one of each not counted and winter boots not counted.

It is amazing how things can pile up without me even thinking about them. This week I threw out a bottle of nail polish remover that did not work good (cheap junk) ... .. why did I drag it from Texas when I knew it was garbage. Also I am throwing out a blush that is all dried out. Not that old but dry. I will throw away after emailing Cover Girl and Olay to complain about this product.

We have made one trip to the Salvation army with two bags of clothes.

Are you going through your closets and purging clothing.

Next I should go through all my VHS and DVD movies... I even hate to count them... As I see my favorite movies on DVD at a garage sale, I am buying and then will either sell the VHS at a sale this summer or give to the thrift stores.

I already took some of my junk silver pieces to sell before Christmas and got some money that was put towards gifts.

thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together

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