Sunday, December 26, 2010

Working To Make Do With Less Project Clothes Day 1

Day one of paring down my clothes
1. throwing out the worn and disgusting
2. giving away things that are wearable but I do not like
3. boxing up clothes I love but are to small for me now. I am giving myself 6 months to work off the pounds so I can wear again or they also go to the thrift store.
4. Rest are clothes that I can wear at this time. Will be deciding what of these I will keep or re place.
I have come to the conclusion I keep clothes to have even if I do not wear them. I like the looks of a full closet just like I like a full pantry even if it is food I bought on sale but do not want to eat.
Not a very good reason is it.

Tonight I threw away 3 items worn and torn
To the thrift store items 8 items
Given away 2 items
Boxed up for 6 months 25 items ( I had lost weight on Atkins and bought these then gained back weight after I got breast cancer.. 5 years ago but some of them are so cute ... I give my self 6 months to drop 35 pounds so I can get back into these tiny items)

Total out of closet and drawers tonight 38 items

Just a start but a good start.. is decluttering on your list of projects for this next year.
Tomorrow I will pare down my purses and decide what I will keep and what will be boxed up for a sale next summer or sent to the thrift store.

Thanks for stopping by... grace

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  1. This is a great project! I try not to keep too many things in my closet, but it's hard to give up favorites even when they have seen better days.