Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wallet Friendly Wednesday .... Do You Save All Your Christmas Cards?

Do you save all your Christmas cards? I love receiving Christmas cards ... pretty Christmas cards.

What should we do after the holidays have past.

I just hate throwing them away that is for sure, but there comes a time when the piles of paper gets over whelming.

So what can I do with them.

1. How about cutting off the front and using all or part of for Christmas tags next year. So much nicer than those hundreds of cheap looking ones I have in my drawer.

2. How about cutting off the front again and using in scrap books I plan / want to make this year. Sounds pretty good to me. For the mean time I will just stick with the pile of photos waiting to be put in an album. ( Reminder to me .... make it a goal to sort those photos and do some albums)

Just what I need as another goal for 2011.

1. stay on budget save $1,000 emergency fund pay off debt

2 work harder selling on eBay so I can leave cold Minnesota next winter part of above goal really
3 . making scrapbooks with all my photos

4. Gotta lose 35 pounds so I can get into those clothes I bagged for

5. minimalist clothing and other belongings

6. Read at least 1 book a month

Lots of goals set for this year .. but if you don't aim you will never hit a target..

okay back to Christmas cards

3. If you do not decide to make scrapbooks and use cards, they could be donated to a senior center for their craft projects.

4. Could always recycle them if nothing else

Do you have any ideas for your cards .. Christmas or any others. I have saved my cards from parents and grandparents and have put in a three ring family binder. That way they will be saved hopefully for generations.

Would love to hear any of your ideas for used Christmas cards ...
I am sharing this with Bargain shopping Wallet Friendly Wednesday
Thanks for stopping by ... lets keep saving together .. Grace

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