Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monthly Budget Wrap Up December PLUS 2011 Financial Goals

December is just about gone and we made it. Was not easy or fun but we made it.
Christmas comes in December every year and we had not saved any money to buy gifts for the grandchildren (13 ) of them.
They all get something at our limit price and with some coupons at Hallmark I saved some money on one of the gifts. Thank you Hallmark.
With some juggling of money, pulling a little from our grocery fund and selling some junk silver we pulled it off.
Grandchildren all enjoyed their gifts from grandpa and grandma.

I sold some books on eBay and took some of that money and bought hubby new winter parka, gloves and knitted hat ( all half price at JC Penny's)
We have sold on eBay since 1998 and business is getting slower and slower or I am finding less every month worth while selling. I hoping things get better this coming year.

Mr. Murphy hit us hard in September when I ended up in surgery and the hospital for 10 nights with a horrible infection. Thank goodness we had insurance but we are still left with almost $1000 to pay off.
The smallest bill my wound vac will be paid off end of December and then we will work down the Clinic doctor and finally will work at the hospital.

Our goals for this coming year are to
1. Stay on Budget
2. Work at paying off the hospital/doctor bills
3. Work at improving our internet sales to bring in more income. This income will be used to
a. put 1,000 in bank for emergency fund
b. increase debt reduction plan.
c. save money for plans to travel next winter
d. put together money for deposit to a new apartment building. This one is to small
we would move into a senior high rise that is secure and hopefully less money every month
in rent and a view of our beautiful Lake Superior.
4. Attempt to get health insurance for me at a better price. We had gone and done this first of September and I was approved with a larger deductible. Just before we could finalize this I was put in the hospital with my infection. That plan was cancelled. We will try again after the first of the year but I am sure my monthly payment will not be as good as it could of been.

So this is the update on my December budget and and plans and goals for next year.
Have you made your budget and goals for next year?

Thanks for stopping by.. Lets keep saving together.. Grace

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